Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hye everyone. this is my 2nd blog after had terminated my first blog (so happened my neighbour next door read my blog and spill it to my mom and i decided to stop blogging!). since i have apple time at home, i think it is good to create my new blog for the sake of
gossipng and expressing and allowing u guys to know my true colour. nothing more. Owh yeah. u might want to know, why did i choose 'Buzz!!' as the name of my blog. i thought for few secs few nasty n harsh words (so what?!) but i learnt that i must have some self control in expressing my feelings though i have right room to do so. well... living in 'diplomatic' country, precisely Malaysia which contains thick custom and tradition to nod to made me change my mind. so that my parents will get minimal shock if they read this. I LOVE U SO! To my significant others, u know who u are, keep in touch darlings!