Wednesday, June 24, 2009

antara IPTI & UPM

Hye people. pd petang yg sgt dingin ni, coz ujan trun tak henti2, smbil tgh packing brng nk g kl esok, i rase terpanggil nk tulis post ni. hari ni adalah hr terakhir saya di umah after a long break. I am so happy but at the same time feels so cold leaving house. ye la, lpas ni tak tau bile lg balik. mase kat ipti dl almost tiap2 mggu blik umah, pantang de free akn blik umah (kalo tak foya2 kat kl laaa...hehe). tp lpas ni dh maken jauh, n takot homesick plak. weyh, i ni manje tauuuu..seriuosly. :D but i know i will have more fun in kl n a lot more to treasure which is so exciting n m so eager for that. hmmm~ during this busy break i have done few things that i considered very good to practice. i jage kdai my aunty, dl kdai my sis tp skang dh jd kdai aunty, jd cashier. tak ssh pn kije nye..dok kat cash register 2 n kire duit je la..hehe~ actually my aunty mmg sgt menantikan i start cuti. coz die mangalami kesukaran nk cr trusted cashier since she had a bad experience when her former cashier songlap duit. kebetulan i mmg dh diperturunkn ilmu utk menjadi 'tauke kedai' oleh akak i, jd keje aunty senang la sikit. i know how to deal with salesman, supplier n solve some cliche problems in business. i jage kdai 2 tak lama, for about a month je. lpas 2 i bersara coz my mom needs a driver! i pencen n tukar profesion jd driver merangkap maid. it is still exciting coz mase ni la i spent some quality time ngn parents n my other siblings. lbey kurang 2 mggu i jd driver n maid, n now the hols is over. im moving off n moving away to kl tomorrow. awl kn? yeah..coz i have unfinish business plus i need to see my dearie hubby! 2 bulan tak jumpe, i really need a quick glance at him so that the passion would raise. tell u what, to be in upm is such a big dream among us, TESL students in IPTI. haha...bkn sbb we r too obsess nk study kat upm or so whatever, tp to us, study in ipti is very stressful. yes. seriously. maybe ipti tak suit dgn jiwa kitorg yg suka kn element fun dlm daily life. maybe ipti is too good for us, or maybe ipti's mission to produce great teacher have put us in tense. bkn kami tanak jd Great Teacher, but why must be so stressful? have some fun, n explore more, i believe such ways will produce better teacher. know what the real life outside, so that we can blend it in scholl! am i right? so nti tade la kite terpinga2, ngajar kat skola tak tau nape students kite tetibe je wat rmbut ala2 korean~ well..sociology people! owh my~ dh terlanjur rupa2nye saya..ya ampunnnn~ anyway i would love to say this, i really miss all my crazy friends that i used to have in ipti and hopefully they never change! see you guys in UPM n stay the same. kalo terserempak 2 tgur2 la! I'm still Tasha from the TESL Block!


  1. yeah..
    so do i..
    i gonna mish all my friends in ipti..
    have a safe jorney to KL tasha..
    jgn happy sgt..
    see you soon bebeh..

  2. wokeyh darl!
    hehe..sure, hepi+cuak~

  3. *hey tasha.. haha.. ive found ur blog.
    do keep in touch~