Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Chirping is so Beautiful

I have lost my birdys...

On last sunny friday morning, 19th of June 09, Me, yaya n mom found a nest kat celah2 pokok bunga kertas dpn umah. Mase 2 mak burung tade. kuar cr food la kot. and we took a look at them, they were so tiny. just born maybe. few days. I donno, coz i never pet any birds before. so what we did was, we hid the nest in the house, just for fun. saje je nk nyakat mak burung 2. tak lame lpas 2, mak die dtg ngn bwk cacing kat paruh, terbang sana sini cr anak die. hinggap kat sana, hinggap kat sini..cr2, tak jumpe...not so long, came another bird, memberi bantuan mencari ank burung yg ilang. kecoh la gak with the chirping of birds. we all sat somewhr and kept an eye on them. best tau tgk gelagat burung2 lovely they are. dlm setengah jam mcm 2, lpas tak jumpe ank die, mak burung and the gang melesapkan diri. tak dtg2 lg dh kat pokok 2. and we started to worry. Ishhh..mcm mane ni. anak die nk mkn ape mcm ni, mak die tak dtg2.. and i ve decided to went out and off to pet shop. i bought some tiny worms and fed them. my dad was around, he tried to feed them but tau je lah...laki kn tak sbr..n mmg payah nk bg diorg mkn. paruh kecik lg, n tak reti nk masukkn cacing 2 btol2 dlm mulut. my dad gave up since die pn dh nk g smayang jumaat. so i called my lil sis up, asked her to help me in order to feed them. so i amek penyepit, yg kecik, n slowly put the worms inside. few attempts i failed. but i kept on feeding and berjaya jugak akhirnye. mmg susah, tp i tak nak die mati. n dr gaye diorg mkn, i tau diorg sgt lapar! so sad... n started from that, i fed them three times a day. bgn pg je, i akn fed them frst, then br i breakfast. kalo dh bg diorg mkn 2, mmg sgt la, kang tak bg mkn, mati plak.i really want to see them grow bigger n fly higher in the sky... though i tak tau, brape bnyk nk bg cacing n kerap mane nk bagi, i tak kesah. i bg je.tiap kali i mkn, diorg pn mkn! haha.. my parents pn tak amek port sgt, tp ntah la. i syg sgt kat burung 2 coz rase bersalah sembunyik kn sarang die... i tanye baby, me dear bf n he did give some tips. but this morning, on monday, i woke up quite late and rushed for something. i tak sempat nk feed them. but i jengok kejap kat sarang, diorg still chirping. n i said to them, 'jap eyh syg, blik nti bg mkn'. n i settle kn ape yg patot. i arrived at home about 1115 am, i cepat store my stuff n amek cacing nk bg mkn together wh my niece. she does love those birds too! i was so shocked, those birds that i named Caca Jr. (sbb die besar sikit, n suke buli yg lg sekor 2, mcm i slalu buli yaya) , and Yaya Jr. (die ni slalu kne buli n suke mengalah mcm yaya) , dh mati. they were not breathing, their chest were stiff and puas i goyangkn nest die, they were unmoved and i screamed, burung dh mati!!! my mom scolded me thought i just wanted to fool around but lpas i convinced them they were dead, the air was silent and breezy, but my heart broke into pieces. i am so sad and the death is so frustrating. my dream to see them grow bigger, at least to see them stay alive untill i off to UPM in this coming few days ruined. I buried them in front of my house. I sgt bersyukur coz Tuhan bg kesempatan nk jage ank burung 2, coz i never had any pet before. and now im thinking to pet new birds and will take care of it. and now, whenever the birds chirping I know it's a song for me to answer them.


  1. how sad..
    but it's ok actually..
    since that was ur 1st attempt..
    but, animal can't take the new environment easily..
    so do people..
    they must be with their mom 1st..
    just like us when we were babies..
    we need ur mom to feed us..
    btw, good try tasha..

  2. u r responsible for their death
    pandai2 je nak bela
    its all ur fault

  3. 2 la bob...somehow i really think it is all my fault.. but i did put some effort to feed them. tp mlm i ltak blik kat do mase laen. bile nk feed je bwk kuar nest 2.
    thanks bob! u r very supportive~

  4. owh birdiehatetasha,
    i take all the plame put,
    but i do believe in faith~
    i rase tak slh nk try bela coz niat i iklas...
    lg pn dh ajal die. n takde hukum gantung mandatori pn kn~

  5. i thnk la ca,,dat bird tue its too young thn kne dpt perhatian more dri mak dy..oppss..lg stu ko msti ganas kn..hmm..nmpk cgt binatang smua x sesuai ngan ko..pasnie ko jge harimau plak...(mimie-peace)..kekeke

  6. hakhak~mi,ak dh berlemah lembut seyh...
    siyes! ala2 jage ank sndri laa..hukhuk~

  7. gmbr atas tu ke birdie yg kau jumpe tu?
    buruknyaaa.. hehehe