Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jealousy Kills.

And now i feel like telling and writing.

Everyone has their own dreams and goals. so do I. i have many dreams, not o mention the ridiculous one! and how to achieve, is another story. i have met so many people in my life and i know, i am going to meet more in future. as i walked in this path so called life, i do adore few people nameley J,L, n P. these girls are so charming, adorable, brilliant and very fortunate. As i can see they have everything in their life. wonderful life, bright future and stylish lifestyle. frankly i do envy and most of the times my irrational mind persuade me to keep on thinking about them and ways to compete with them though i know, at certain point i am still lucky . this is so common among girls right? but what made my degree of jealousy arose is, what i wanted in my life, they own them. i know i still have time to build my very own life with my own branding. hmmm... i really need advices, or maybe a motivation for me to decide the right junction so that i will not choose wrongly. Shall i declare that i am a Paranoid??

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