Monday, June 1, 2009


Hmmm...before i go any further, for those who do not know what i am, let me tell u one fact, and u may digest this factual sentence as what u wish. I'm one of ROTU cadet, and will be in intermediate level this coming july. Yes. and i have been in the system for about a year, though i had not join the training quite for some times, i am still the qualified ROTU cadet. pheww~ the training, is not bad so far. i still can undergo every exercises (even sometimes 'secure'. haha!) and what i can say is, i had a lot of fun in sweat! but what i'm going to share with u all is not about sweat or exercises, but a huge confusion and daze about making decision to pursue my training or QUIT. frankly, to quit is all i wanted. i dont deny that my earlier phase of my life as a cadet in UPM is traumatic. All the rules, tradition and senioruty made me sick! even now. yes. up to now. but my dearest boyfriend always reminded me to take what it is to be a cadet since i have made a decision to be in the system. so what can i do is, to go with the flow, and have fun (owh plz, i hate sun shine!!!). thanks by. u r the best lover i've ever had! ok. i had list few reasons why i wanted to quit.

  1. my skin is getting darker and it takes months to recover.
  2. i hate kawad coz i hate sun shine coz my skin could get burn easily!
  3. i'm worried if i get more scars and marks in future since to get rid of them, which is close to IMPOSSIBLE!
  4. i think i'm losing my feminity.... aint i?
  5. owh yeah, i need to put my tudung on! owh my...
  6. Above parents never agree for me to join ROTU. Arent parents bless vital people?? ;)
However, truly deeply madly, it will be heart breaking if i leave ROTU. coz i have started to love all my friends there though distance keep us apart. especially the amazing twins, XAXA n XATI, u girls are super duper cool with huge heart, i am certainly gonna miss u all...and my M16! damnn...i wonder how it is. i know it is in the safe hands! hmmm...half of my heart really want to continue the training and keep on running. but there is a big but to consider. so darlings, give me more reasons to stay!!! what say u??


  1. seriously?? huhu...weyh, ko tau ke ROTU 2 ape??? hehe... ;)

  2. hehe..nuat2 tau je la eyh...
    pnjng ni kalo nk citer