Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Fantastic Four

I just received a phone call from Umi, my dearest BFF. hmmm~ actually i wanted to write on something that is will be posted later. but now, i want to share wh u all, how precious my BFFs to me. BFFs? yes. they r more than one, and now i will introduce to u who they r. Umi, Shak, Nonie, and Aid are the closest friends in my life. we shared our ups n downs in our high school, and living together as a big family.

Like Umi, i met her at MJSC Terendak Camp, the very first day i registered there. Yes. on my first day. And tell u what, since then we became very good friends until now. and...it has been almost 9 years i know her! She's lovely wh huge heart and incredibly patience. what can i say is, she is the only creature who could stand my extreme anger in my young days. hah! thats true! she is the last person standing, but the first person i would go for in anything. i love u Umi!

and Shakirah, i only met her in MJSC Jasin. this humourous girl, i might say, has add value that i appreciated. We began as friends of friends, but the strong chemistry between us had bring us together. She's strong mentally, and the best listener of mine. even though i only met her few past years back, but our friendship value seems we knew each other since in kindergarten! Wonderful right?

and the next girl that is very significant in my life is Nonie. this smart girl has an unbearable attitude, but i do not know how do i could bear wh her. LOL! kidding. just like Umi, I knew Nonie in MJSC Terendak Camp and so happened we were placed in the same block. Block H, the most happening block! remember? hehe.. and i think the only thing that is common between us was, we are the trouble maker, and hav few black tragedies in terendak. She's an amazing friends and a ready to go friend.

Last but not least is Aid. this tiny girl has huge warm heart. i met her in Jasin, and for some reasons we were getting closer (not to mention what the reasons are!) and still be good friends up till now.she is kinda busy wh her life lately but we managed to keep in touch. She's fabulous and great, just like my other BFFs. there are some other close friends that used to be around us while in college, but these Fantastic Four are the great! i really hope this friendship will last forever. even though they r going to be very busy to make big money, U girls will remain as my BFFs now n then. I hope u all will have greatest achievement in ur life, and after life. and yes, big thanks and infinite apology to u all for all the wroingdoings i have done. I do love u all, and please dont go. Hey, We have few lines of magic spell and agreed to name us TPDs. Go TPDs! yuuhuuuuuuu~~!


  1. ohh tasha,, sungguh terharu ! im on d top of ur list ! hehehe love u too babe !

  2. no other words to say,
    im heartly sincere.